Seamless Stainless Tubes

Seamless Stainless Tubes

We, SAKAI STANLESS STEEL CO.,LTD., was extablished in 1970,

as a manufacture of stainless injection needles.

Since then , we have developed into the stainless steel tubing field with our advanced tequnical know-how.


Our best efforts for precise / acurate dimensions and shapes of the machine conduction tubes to be used in the fields of auto mobiles and industrial machinery.


Also, out main efforts are put on the supply of the tubes with non-defective part and in the good metallic textures for use in the plants of petrochemicals and shipbuildings,etc.


Our Sakai products has been exporting for all over the world for more than 30 years.

Our customers continued patronage of our products will be highly appriciated.

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